Wood Production

SINO GROUP S.R.O. is a Large Multinational Company which manages forest products such as logs and sheets, and a Group Company which can operate forest resources development, cutting, processing, transportation, selling of full supply chain.

About us

SINO GROUP S.R.O. has the forest and wood production processing foundation in ASIA and European, build a long-term and stable cooperation with lots of domestic and foreign wood production companies, create a business network covering China and European’s with more than 20 ports of discharge and ports of loading. Based on the profound management foundation, excellent sales network, perfect forest resources and constantly improving warehouse logistics, SINO GROUP S.R.O. ‘s yearly wood processing and trading volume occupies the top of same type companies in recent years.


So far SINO GROUP S.R.O. owns several forest products production processing factories and warehouse logistics companies in China and European. In the meantime, as a national forest products participant and operator, SINO GROUP S.R.O. is enhancing the capacity of resource integration and allocation in ASIA and European and try to become the top management company of global forest resource based on the strong transportation capacity.

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